Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Etsy's Bestie Cold Fish Vintage

So last week I made a little post about "blog structure". I have decided to do a weekly "Etsy's Bestie" post, featuring my favorite Etsy shops! This is a repost from my previous tumblr blog, but it remains on of my favorite shops! So here ya go - enjoy!

Cold Fish Vintage

The Etsy store I am sharing with you today is one of my top five favorites. With so many unique and spectacular vintage items I find it hard not to buy something every payday! I have been buying things from Erin for a couple years, her items are always in pristine condition and exactly as described, its an addded bonus that she is a total sweetheart!


From the girl herself :
“I’m Erin. I am 25 years old and have a pretty deep passion for the years before my birth! I love to imagine the history in the vintage clothing I wear and sell. Who wore it and where to?

Reduce, Reuse, Rewear is a shop dedicated to introducing more people to the appeal of adding vintage clothing to their everyday apparel. Vintage pieces add a certain flair that can only be achieved by an authentic item, not the “throwback” items on the racks in retail stores. “

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A new do for my favorite little dude

Today I got to cut my little nephews hair for the first time! I didn't expect him to end up looking like such a little boy afterwards, I was a bit shocked! He did exceptionally well, sat still in his little chair eating a popsicle and watching Thomas the Train :)
Mama Lauren took over the camera for me and snapped these pictures, he is just the cutest I cant stand it!!!

 Ta Da!! All done and rewarded with a snack :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Foggy Day

Today was pretty chilly for us to be going to the beach, but we could tell Dexter was missing the ocean something bad so we went. He couldn't go swimming like usual because of the low tide today, so he made due splashing around in the tide pools burying his ball and running as fast as possible up and down the beach. Now he is fast asleep happy as a clam, until he gets his second wind in about an hour!

Here are a few photos I took today, even though I was cold it was a beautiful day :)

Happy weekend ya'll hope you're doing something fun xoxo

Monday, February 13, 2012

A love story

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the big "L" word.

I find love to be something I feel extremely blessed to have found. And if there is just one thing in your life to experience I believe it should be that.
Love. Unconditional and true. May you find it in a friend, a partner, a spouse and or of course a pet.
I was so lucky to be raised in a family that love each other so much, (though we are all insane, I am Italian after all) it taught me to take chances and have an open heart, you never know how the next person you meet could change your life.
Meeting Ryan was completely unexpected. Going into work as a 21 year old waitress that fateful night, I was not expecting a tall handsome man to step on my foot, causing me to drop a whole tray of drinks on myself ! He then proceeded to follow me around the rest of my shift apologizing  until I agreed to have dinner with him the next night. I said yes and well as they say the rest is history.

Here a few photos of us from the past 6 or so years <3

Thanks for everything Babbie I love you to the moon and back

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Etsy Love Affair

If you haven't been on Etsy leave this blog immediately and go there and get lost in all the splendid handmade and vintage items available for purchase.

I am a frequent shopper and wanted to share a few of the latest goodies I am waiting to arrive soon!

I am a sucker for Peter Pan collars and am over the moon in love with this little vintage coat 

Then there is this beauty! A 1960's carpet bag straight outta my dreams 

This amazing little ceramic box (I reallllly love cheese) 

Last but not least this little number, a vintage 70's scooter dress

What treasures have you found lately?
xoxo Jules

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Day The Music Died

On Feb 3rd 1959, rock 'n' roll pioneers Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed in a tragic airplane crash dubbed "The Day the Music Died" in Don Mclean's 1971 classic "American Pie". This was a huge deal. At the time of the crash, the trio were three of the biggest stars in rock (a genre that was still brand new at the time) their deaths impacted the entire country. People still flock to the Iowa site marking the crash, but to save you some airfare you can listen below to some of their most famous tracks.

Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue

Richie Valens - Oh my head

Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace

Never forget who gave us the beauty that is rock 'n' roll and to quote Neil Young "Rock and roll will never die"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thread Reckage

From time to time I stumble upon something I find to be so special I have to shout it from the rooftops! That is exactly what I felt like doing when my lovely friend Kristen started selling her one of a kind designs and vintage treasures on eBay!  I have been fortunate enough to score some amazing things from this little lady and wanted to give that opportunity to all of you as well.

Kristen is currently having a giveaway on her Facebook page - all you have to do is "like" the page to enter! You win a choice between one of her own Threadlace designs or a vintage item currently for sale in her eBay store !

Sounds easy enough to me :)

Here is some history about the brand from the girl herself- take it away Kristen!

"Thread Reckage is the expression of how I see the world with the relevance of the past in each piece! Whether it be one of a kind handmade necklaces I call "Threadlaces" made from deconstructed vintage fabrics along with pieces of jewelry worn from another time, or amazing vintage finds re-designed for a modern feel. I have always wanted to incorporate my coveting of vintage wear with one of a kind jewelry, making Threadreckage the platform for all things I see to be fashion fabulous!!!" - Kristen Saylor Owner of Thread Reckage

You can find her Facebook page here
And her eBay store here

Happy Shopping Friends <3