Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Etsy's Bestie

Hello there, hope your weekend was wonderful <3
This weeks Etsy's Bestie is on "Simplicity is Bliss". This fun shop is for the girl with some serious love for vintage frocks and accessories. I love nearly everything this store has to offer and realllllly wish I had enough funds in my bank account to clean this store out!

Here are a few of my favorite items currently up for grabs :

 "Hollywood Starlet" Vintage 1940s  lace and rhinestone dress 

Vintage 1950s // Light blue cocktail lace wiggle dress


Back From Woodstock - Vintage 1960s leather patchwork coat 

And there is more - much more to love over at the Simplicity is Bliss shop!

Stay tuned for this week I am hoping to get photos of the fantastic vintage items I found in the trash can behind my work last week - Yes I said TRASH! People are crazy!!
Happy March everyone!!!!!


  1. that coat is something serious!

    1. Right?!?! I wish I could buy everything this lady's selling!