Monday, January 16, 2012

California Birthday Dreaming

This weekend my hubby turned 29! And I (loving birthdays the most out of any holiday) wanted to grant every wish! I made a vanilla bean cake with dark chocolate frosting and roasted almond crumbs on top. He spent the entire day Saturday surfing with his buddies and that gave me  the time to decorate the house and bbq him all his favorite treats :) All in all I'm pretty sure he had a fantastic birthday.

His last wish I think was the best day trip to the dog beach located about 10 minutes from our front door. Olde Port Beach is the only beach designated purely for the joy of off leash dog fun. These are a few shots I took while dodging Dexter shaking or kicking up sand at us.


  1. happy birthday to you hubby, your guys make the most beautiful couple :)

    xoxo Roxy

  2. p.s your blog is looking awesome!!!!

    1. thanks so much roxy! working a little on it everyday :) youve been a big help <3