Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinterest Anonymous

Anyone one with access to the internet or iPhone cannot honestly say they do not know the magic that is Pinterest.

This wonderful site that houses the hopes and dreams of millions has got to be one of the best inventions in social networking in this decade.
That's my opinion any how because I for one am obsessed.

I, Julia Turner am a Pinterest Addict.

This brings me to this here blog post. My favorite five items from my favorite boards on my Pinterest.

Number One : Favorite Quote

Not only do I love Charlie Chaplin, I believe this quote 100 %

What is a day without laughter? It wasn't good I can tell you that. Pretty sure you didn't have fun that day now did you? Laugh, smile, tickle someone if you have to ( because we all know that makes you laugh just as much as the person getting tickled)

Laughing is my favorite thing, and when I am old and wrinkly I know most of those wrinkles will have been caused by something hilarious.

Number Two: Gift Ideas

A memory Jar:

Starting on the first of the year add memories that are special to you then read them on New Years Eve.

I have been planning to do this for the past couple years and have forgotten but this year it is happening.

I'm excited to share a post about it next Jan 31st!

Number Three: Hair Do's

Being a hairdresser for the past nearly 9 years (yikes) I've learned quite a few tricks for making hair look like it took hours when really it only took minutes! 

This was one of my go to styles when I had long hair. Three little knots, a few little bobby pins, hairspray and you're set! 

Add a pop of red lipstick and you are good to go <3

Number Four: Gift Ideas

With Valentines day coming up I have been trying to think of something creative and special to give Ryan.
 Being together as long as we have there isn't much to buy for each other that isn't going to end up just being excess junk that will eventually be thrown away. We are trying now to focus on making meaningful things for each other.
 This year I'm thinking of making this playing card book for him. 52 top reasons what I love about him. Seems pretty easy since if we're being honest I'm still head over heels for this guy.

Number Five: Flippen amazing pictures & Flippen amazing people

I have to start by saying it was pretty darn hard to pick one photo from this pin board, but at the end Fred Astaire will always win.

Tap Dancing. How I wish I knew how.

I took lesson's as a child but it didn't stick, all I can do is dance like no one is watching. (aka badly)

The first Fred Astaire movie I ever saw was Top Hat. 
If you haven't seen it, drop everything, stop reading this and immediately rent it. 


Fred and Ginger, need I saw more? They just don't make em like that anymore........ *sigh*

Are you a part of Pinterest Anonymous? 


  1. I'm totally an addict!mine is pretty much filled with pretty things I'll never afford but it's still fun to look

    1. That's the beauty if it I think! like one big dream board :)

  2. I love this post.
    Omg the memory jar is such a great idea i wanna start that too!! did you start it already?.
    that gift idea for ryan is such a great idea. I still don't know what the heck to get for steven ugh! we are not too big on gift either, we have been together since high school. so gift sometimes are whatever lol

    1. Ah thanks so much friend! The memory jar has been started there isn't too much in there yet though :/ I wanna know what you end up getting your hubby!

  3. I love the simple up-do! I have been growing my hair out. It is terrible. As a stylist, my natural inclination is to cut it when it annoys me. Ugh. Maybe I will make it to that point someday :)

    1. You are a stylist too?! Why didn't I know that already :/
      I have a ton of good simple hair tutorials on my hair dos pin board. of course since I chopped my hair off I cant use any of them but I do enjoy teaching people them :)