Friday, January 13, 2012

My happy place

Growing up in the country was special in more ways then one. The thing I've learned that I should have  appreciated more in my youth was the ability to be alone with my thoughts in nature. Although I don't live in a big city now it is still difficult to find wide open space and a backroad to drive aimlessly on.

Recentley I have found a small stretch of road that is mostly deserted that I can cruise along all alone. Listening to AC/DC as loud as can ( just as my daddy taught me ) could clear any clouded mind or right any bad day.

Although my favorite daily routine to wind down is to take a long walk with Dexter. Part of our housing development includes a very large field with oak trees and plenty of gopher holes for Dexter to dig. I head down there everyday right when I get home, take the extra time to enjoy the California sunshine and the smile it brings to my very happy puppy.

This is most definetly my happy place. Whats yours?


  1. your happy place is beautiful jules.
    i think my happy place is the thrift shop lol

    1. haha well that is for sure another happy place for me as well :)